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Showroom Shine!

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Just wondering if anybody has used this stuff before. Seen it on telly a few times and I was just wondering what it was like!!

Seems an easier way to wash the car!

Many thanks
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I saw this advertised on sunday on a shopping channel. Looked good, and results were brillinat, but doubt i'd ever buy it. The way no water is used is a bit off-putting, wheres all the dirt going to go? Maybe to use it for a wax/shine finish only after a full wash would be alright i suppose.
Shopping channel stuff is
. I brought some "drill all" bits last year, they were £20 and guaranteed them never to break and drill anything, the TV demo was absolutely amazing. Within an hour of receiving them I broke 5, doing nothing more than drilling holes in a floorboard!

So I went to read the lifetime guarantee..... "Please send your broken bit back and we will replace it free of charge".... however..... "please enclose a cheque of £4.95 PER BIT to cover return postage".

Now thats £25 to replace the 5 and a full set was only £20. Such a rip off!

I can't speak of showroom shine but I wouldnt buy it, to much effort is put into selling it, and if it isnt for sale in a shop then it must be
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I wouldn't touch it with yours lol

I don't care how many lubricators it has in it, if your car has got anything more than a fine dust on it, dragging it over the paint with a cloth and that stuff is going to result in damage to the paint. Don't be fooled!
The old fella next door to me keeps telling me about this stuff everytime Im out washing my car, I just tell him I will stick to the traditional way. Im no detailer but I wouldnt go near it.
Sorry chaps have to disagree ...I have used this stuff for many years on previous cars and now on my ST.
However i do not use on a straight dirty car, always was and dry first prior to polish being used.

I think the shine it produces is very very good and the protection factor is there too, as on the next wash the dirt falls away and any grime, tar etc comes clean off.
Can be used on all surfaces, car, windows and wheels..

My old RST was treated to it regularly

I give it
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