Model:Focus ST
Mileage:123000 M
Trim:ST3 - Factory Leather

I'm thinking of selling my Focus ST3 for parts.

I had a spectacular incident on the M1 a couple of weeks ago where the turbo let go (I think?)
Lots of white smoke, oil under the bonnet and loss of power... followed by the RAC getting me home.
I have owned the car from new. It has never let me down in all that time.
I'm thinking of selling it for parts, as everything on it is fine other than... let's assume the engine.
It has the original wheels and a full size spare. Up until that moment everything worked inc A/C, gearbox all ancilleries etc etc.
It has black leather Recaros, slight wear on the driver's side. There are body and wheel dings and I will supply loads of images a little later (when it's light!)
Wheels were refurbed a couple of years ago.
Never modded. Interior is all original ST3.
Battery is good. Igniton is working, but clearly I can't fire it up as it's lost most of it oil.
Extensive Ford Service History & Receipts - MOT just run out.
Honest car (for parts only - assuming engine is toast)
Can someone give me a ballpark of what it may be worth?

Cheers Guys