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Seat Belt Rattle Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!

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Many of us have this rattle coming from the rear left of the car, sounds like it's coming from the seat belt area, but we all know it's not this. It's not my rear suspension mount as I've only done 13k.

After 2 weeks of effin and blinding Ive found the problem and fixed it

Once I get home at 7 I'll take pics of the procedre on how to fix it!!
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....and I might be fighting for sloppy seconds
if you can cure this mate - at my wits end with it as its all I can here in the car now

Look forward to reading your post later - guess I better charge the torch up for later
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Right then guys here we go

Pull up your seat base by grabbing it from the back. And place foam down between the seatbelt anchor point and the side plastic panel as shown here, I shoved quite a think sponge down there.

Theres a panel fixing point behind the belt, that was loose with me and I couldn't tighten it, so I placed foam between the panel and the car as shown here.

Finally when the seat is put back down I shoved an old halfords washmit folded over down between the seat base and the side panel

Hope that fixed it for you guys

Heres the other things I've done last weekend which has eliminated other rattles, but not the main rattle we all call the 'seatbelt rattle' The above steps should fix that

Placed foam where the seat belt click points are:

Placed cheap dynamat on the clip points here(in silver) also put pieces of sponge, but I dont think this is needed. Also put a thin pice of foam in between the tweeter cover and the panel with a very thin screw driver, this stops it moving around.

Put some insulating tape around the seat latches:

Finally I placed 2 layers of dynamat where the panels clip on the car as shown here, and made sure the cables are not moving, but sticking them down and putting pieces of sponge between the car and the cable in some places where it could rattle.:

Not shown in the above pics, but I ran about 4 layers of dynamat by the window under the plastic as shown by the red line here. The flash has caught a bit of it. But you cant see it in daylight. I put 1 layer in the other red bits, and I pulled the little cover where the belt comes out and places some dynamat under there to it clips more tightly. Behind the main cover where you can actually see the seatbelt assembly, I pulled off the little wobbly plastic things that go over the belt, their there to keep the belt in the reel, but I've pulled them off and it works fine.


I also put dynamat on the edges on the panels on the boot to stop them knocking the metal, shoving foam down would do the trick I suppose. But as I pulled all the boot plastic off I placed dynamat on the inside edges of the plastics. Just tap areas to see what rattles and take if from there. Theres also cables behind the panels that go to the heated glass elements, they move around quite a bit too, so I taped them down and used some foam.

Hope that helps you guys. Try the top steps first.

Anyone know how to remove the seat backs?, so I can actually put something behind the panel so I can remove the washmit. At the moment the panel is stuck because the rear seat backs are in the way.
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Good work!

The rattles aren't that bad in my car so I may see how it goes just doing the seat belt rattle fix. Also helps if you slot the metal seat belt tabs into the slots in the plastic trim when not in use.
Does that help? I might try that even though I'm rattle free

I still have a slight squeak noise, but it's the damn leather seats rubbing each other and the panels, I can cope that that, I could stop it by putting some leather cream on the sides. And the parcel shelf does move if I go over big bumps, but it's nothing, and I can only hear it when I turn the radio off, and I listen to my radio quite low, so it must be very silent back there lol

Might do the front door panel clips as they are very loose to the touch, but hardly rattle at all, but I'd feel happier if they were done. If only I could take the rear seats out so I could get the panel off, because the fix I've just done above is stop the panel hitting the car about 30cm down of the side compartments which resonates though the panel. The washmit and the sponge pushes the panel tighter to stop it moving, but It might still buzz because theres nothing behind the panel.
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Excellent work
i've been trying to cure this for a few weeks now

I've done the same as you on the inner wings (used velcro instead of dynamat) where the metal panel clips fit into, i've taped all the wires behind the panel, adjusted the tailgate catch so it's tighter, put foam behind the boot side carpet - i thought it was done until i drove the car next and it was still rattling

I'll have a go with the anchor points this weekend - fingers crossed
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Hope it solves your rattle Robby
My sounded like it was coming by the window area, but looks like it was resonating through the panel from the bottom.
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QUOTE(Trist @ 26 Nov 2009, 07:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Does that help? I might try that even though I'm rattle free

Yeah, stops the buckle rattling against the plastic side panel.
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wooahh iv got lots of jobs for tomorrow now lol
lol, try the first fix first to see how much rattles you cure them that

The other bits took me the whole weekend to do, cutting dynamat can be a pig. lol
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Mine has gone to hole new level now. Terrible squeaking from the passenger seat when there is no one in it but everything is still tight, can't figure it out for love nor money.
Ok pulled the rear seats out today so I could get the side panel mostly off.

Found out this piece of foam in this pic is the cure

The panel hits the metal seat securing bracket behind the panel as the push in securing clips isn't that tight to keep the panel in place. When the panel hits the metal it resonates though the whole panel. Mine looked tight, but if you grab the panel and give it a pull it will move.

This piece of sponge is important too, mines quite a thick piece:

I hope you guys get success !
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