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Hey guys, Just a quick message to ask for any support you fine focus owning fellows (and lady fellows) can offer to the club in attending the Save Donington Parade next Sunday?!?!?!

Basically we heard late on about this large show being organised by Kevin Wheatcroft and the guys who now own the circuit again to promote and hopefully raise a bit of cash towards repairing and putting the circuit back to its former glory. It is an all day event running from 10-4, there is a casino, grid girls and a plethora of metal coming from all over the country. Basically its gonna turn out to be the first show of the year - i know at least 1000 people are confirmed as turning up.

I have contacted the organisers on behalf of the club and organised a pitch for the club as a whole (ie FordSTOC) and am trying to get support off the other two areas of the club (i am the EM rep for the fiesta side). Its looking to be a very good event, and best of all its free to get in. any donations to the circuit will be gratefully recieved and any further details can be found on the official website Save Donington Website.

Unfortunately i need a quick turnaround on any people interested in coming as i need some preliminary numbers by tomorrow to hand over so we get a large enough pitch.

Details of where we will meet will follow in the next couple of days. and further questions just ask.

cheers for reading guys

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