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I have done a few searches on this but cannot find anything. I'm probably just
at searches.

My 08 ST2 has the advanced Sat Nav ICE unit and I have been having a few problems recently.

A couple of weeks ago when I started the car, the radio came on, but there was a loud humming coming from the front mid to left. Sounded like an amp problem. You could hear the radio, but barely under the hum/noise. Turning the volume up effected the hum as well as the radio and was pretty deafening.

I tried the CD and it was the same. Switched the unit off and back on, still the same. Stopped and started the car, still the same.

Then the head unit switched off by itself and seemed to reset. When it came back on everything was fine.

Put it to the back of my head, but it happened again last week and eventually sorted itself out again.

Just got off the phone to my wife now and she says there is no sound output at all from the unit.

Anyone got any ideas? Any links?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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