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Sad End To A Good Christmas

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Hi all, me and my wife had a great first xmas with our baby boy. And all was going well until boxing day afternoon, just got little flynn ready to go out to my parents and my wife says I'll go to the car (her car). So I got my shoes on picked flynn up and was just about to lock the back door when i heard a bang, thought nothing of it at first as the noise seemed to come from up stairs. Then just got out the house and my wife came running round the back. Ive just ran into the garage door she says panicing, (can you guess were the
is parked) yep in the garage. Made sure she was ok, 'dont worry about me, what about the cars' she says. So i went to the front to find her fiesta impailed in the garage door that had come off its runners. Reversed her car back to find to find a length about a foot were the paint has come off, lifted the garage door (just) which now has bent fixings and is no atached to the door its self. The ST now has six chips out the back bumper were the metal work of the door was ramed into it and got stuck, and then it was pushed into my work bench putting a nice 2 inch crease down the front bumper
. So now any money that I may have to mod it has got to be used to repair 3 bumpers and a new garage door (happy days). Just hope i can get it done before the shows start
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Glad your all alright, the cars and garage can be fixed though even if you never needed the expense of it all.

I had a nice pair of dinks in my nearside rear arch after popping up tesco`s this morning, it`s so frustrating having damage on your car when you look after it the best you can, chin up mate and worry about it in the new year.
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