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Sad Day Now That St Has Gone

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Well Monday came and I arrived to pickup my new car. Really sad to see it go, but now I have 5 dorrs and a big boot!
I was a but dubious about getting the merc, but the 400 mile drive up the road put a smile on my face. Plane to get an RS as a second car in a year or so so will keep joined up on this site.

The car I got was a
C220CDI sport estate with
sat nav
Autolights and wipers
Automatic with paddle shift

Cheers for the help over the past 2 years.


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I wish, dont get much free!! Shouldnt be too bad once its mapped to 220bhp next week

Had looked at 3 series and A4 but there's more of them than bum holes on the road.
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nice car.. what age?

whats the reason for the change?
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