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Rs Spark Plugs

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I had a spare 30 mins before work this morning so fitted my shiny new RS Plugs. The old ST ones had only been in for 20k miles, but what a difference the RS ones have made. I always felt the boost died off a little before (running Race map on DS). Now the boost holds longer at higher revs and feels much smoother through the range. TBO its probably more to do with the old ones being a little worn although they are still well within service limits. Im wondering if running the hotter plug was causing a little bit of knocking making the ECU lower the boost.

Anyway, got them from TeamTorquesteer at an impressive £45. I couldnt even get them from Ford @ Trade price for that
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Thats excellent news as I just so happen to have five brand new RS plugs waiting to be fitted to the car

All I need is some sun shine in order to fit them, poxy weather
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I've reclaimed the set i'd bought then sold my mate - getting the odd cough from my ST so had been considering taking the plugs out to squeeze the gap up a bit and thinking about putting the RS ones in (even tho part number is the same as the ones in my ST
lol )

Just seems a shame to take out a set of standard plugs which have only done 2 or 3000 miles
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RS ones looked different to my standard ST ones. The Tip looked a lot thinner and the gap, although I didnt measure it looked a little closer too. I was getting tiny little coughs throughout the rev range, but now its super smooth right through to the shift light. Even my mate said tonight that it seemed to be pulling a lot better.
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