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Hello folks,

After the success of our last Rolling Road day at Dastek in Dalgety Bay I have contacted them again about having another day there in the New Year

Now everybody knows Rolling Road days are a bit of a lottery but my honest opinion is these rollers at Dalgety Bay were very accurate on our last visit.Not every member will be happy with their cars results on the day but it is a very good day out and a chance for everybody to get together again even if you wish to be only a spectator on the day.

Also a good time of the year to put an ST on a rolling road,nice and cold and ST's like the cold

Although as normal if any member wants to organise any other meets possibly more local you are more than welcome to do so

I also fancy organising another Karting event in Falkirk in the New Year,I missed the previous meets there but was aware the days were a popular choice.....

Date now confirmed as 13th February 2010

Fast Ford magazine are now confirmed to be in attendance and feature the meet

Big thanks to Grant(Butsy) for sorting the Mag feature out for us

Prices per car are....

Up to 15 cars - £40
15 to 25 cars - £35
26 to 40 cars - £30



List of attendees

1. Jimmy
2. asbost - Ultimate Green RS
3. cward79(maybe)
4. Butsy
5. Dave-2912 - Frozen White Fiesta Zetec-S
6. Rab ST
7. menzies26
8. waito - Frozen White RS
9. daviemack60
10. bert78
11. xrt(maybe)
12. AlanK
13. trueblue08
14. Jamsie
15. Bandit1
16. dougytaylor
17. Barny.1
18. Davieravie
19. Marc(depending on dates)
20. jim g
21. ST3Stew
22. liberalis
23. michael1
24. jamesmacc2008(maybe)
25. kjw
26. rsbad(arriving pm) - Frozen White RS
27. shug1986
28. Fulton - Mk.1 Focus RS
29. stuart9962(maybe)
30. goonturbo
31. Sean - Mondeo ST tdci(goonturbo)
32. wabbit1

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QUOTE(Dave-2912 @ 30 Nov 2009, 10:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'll come along since its just down the road. Be in the Fiesta by then though, so it'll be good to get an ST fix. lol.

BTW, what mag was covering our last Crail day? Has the relavent issue been out yet?

It was fastford dave and good news u aint missed it not been out yet

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QUOTE(john-st3 @ 29 Nov 2009, 10:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

John does this mean I can count on your attendance

For anybody who missed the last RR Day at Dastek or are new members I have come across this (quite a few of you will have already seen it

Well done again Stuart9962 for doing the video

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QUOTE(john-st3 @ 30 Nov 2009, 01:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>wot do you think? pmsl

theres a rr day on the 6th feb in the north west region jimmy, if you havent already noticed mate.

Thanks John I did notice that thread though...but I am sure we can get a date that does not clash.

A couple of standard cars coming along would be good to as the guys can remap cars on the day

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QUOTE(john-st3 @ 30 Nov 2009, 02:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>looking forward to it mate, must get the boost controller and water injection sorted in time
p.s. we need a list jimmy, lists are good

John,I will do a list when I get a couple of dates back from Dastek...

I will just let this thread run just now then either edit it or start a new one when I have a confirmed date though

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hmmmm i would like to come but only as a spectator thank you the last one killed my delicate ears listening to my car on the rollers
. Depends on the dates tho and if the
has the kids on that weekend
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