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Did a rolling road with a few mates and their cars today

Focus ST (2008 pre) Dreamscience and KnN panel
Astra VXR (2006) standard
Golf GTI 1.8T(2000) turbo back exhuast, decat, induction kit and map
Civic Vtec 1.8 (1998) cat back exhuast, decat and induction kit

So quite a random bunch of cars and tuning levels, was guna be interesting
to see how it panned out.

The VXR went first laying down 248bhp and 268ftlbs

I then went in the ST, 259bhp and 338ftlbs

Thought we'd mix it up put a non turbo up so the Civic was up next with
a respectable 175bhp and 126ftlbs

Lastly the Golf had a go 197bhp not sure on ftlbs

The VXR was a bit of a surprise if it is standard and so was the torque figure on ST.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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