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Rolling Road Day, 5th.dec. Bletchley Mk.

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This is a copy of a thread I have started in the 'central' members' section that may interest others outside that locality.

I can book a day on the MAHA machine installed at Marlin Motor Engineering in the centre of Bletchley, MK on saturday 5th.December

This Company has a modern MAHA AWD machine with software that is updated by the week, and along with power and torque measurement and plotting they will log via the OBD many other informative and usefull values at 100rpm intervals.

I had my own Focus ST on this machine some days ago and the results are indeed very informative and valuable.

The cost will be £35 plus VAT for up to 20 and £30 plus VAT if over that number.

This is as near to a reference quality set up as can be found with data recorded that I believe is rarely available from other events and will be valuable to those owners wanting to see more than a pair of fancy curves. The price will include time for second runs and some adjustments in between as was done last year by Volvo owners at a very busy similar all day event at Powerstation in Tewkesbury. They will run well into the afternoon if needed.

I would appreciate an indication of who will be interested.

Regards, Don.
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Just a reminder of this day in Bletchley, MK.

A very worthwhile opportunity for owners of modified STs to get at least two runs on this reference standard machine that will give you printouts of parameters recorded throughout the rev. range from the OBD, not generally offered or indeed available elswhere.

You will not just get a plot of your power and torque, but some serious and valuable information about just how your car is performing.

There will be a number of my Volvo customers there with interesting cars giving up to 400bhp with their engines run on stock ECUs.

Regards, Don.
I was hoping to make this but I'm not 100% sure if I can yet, will post up as soon as I know for sure

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