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Rip Saab

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After failing to agree terms with Spyker, the only interested bidder GM has taken the decision to close it down

Terrible news for the workforce right before Christmas. I feel the writing has been on the wall for some time now, I think GM was trying to pitch Saab as a premium brand without anything actually premium on offer.
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Having owned I think 8 Saabs over the years I truly am gutted. It is a Marque that gave a unique experience in ownership.
An interesting paragraph from

Lack of direction
GM's ownership lacked the scope and direction shown by Ford with its not too dissimilar Volvo business. Saab effectively remained a two car brand despite tantalising concepts suggesting it would move into the SUV sector. While Volvo developed a fully fledged line-up.
It very much is a shame, but as Rich states GM did nothing with the brand. The cars were all underpinned by old Opal chassis' and very little independent development was done.

Also, Saab drivers were always such nice people (Si excluded obviously
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Its a great loss to the motoring world, but i feel this is the start of things to come.

This is not the first car manufacturer that has went down and it wont be the last.
I love Saab's and am truly shocked to read this.

Its another sad day for the automotive industry..

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I have a Saab 9-3 TDi as my company car and i must say it is sad news as i would have liked the Aero version of the 9-3 when it was due for replacement. They are not a bad car at all for day to day driving. Much better than a vauhall.

Well done GM!
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