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Each to their own. I’m not a Royalist, sorry. Life is hard enough. I and many others do hard graft 5-6 days a week. Have a holiday perhaps once every 4 years if I’m lucky,
I’m not after violins, but she’s had a very long and priverledged life.
in constrast how about all the people that have died young, the kids that have been abused / beaten by parents,
Parents that can’t afford to feed or clothe their kids?
Is there a page for them?

I don’t mean to offend, but this is very much like the Facebook mentality, someone pegs it, and then follows about 400+. RIPs , mostly from people who jump on the bandwagon and didn’t even know the person who passed

Rant over. Just looking forward to having normal radio back
Each to their own for sure and it certainly takes a whole lot more than a forum post to offend me😂

I and many others swore an oath to the Queen when we chose to serve our country so her passing is going to be an event of huge significance.
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