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Removing Rear Seats Without Damage

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Hello all,

I've been a member in the past but didn't renew as I didn't want the club zapping up all my time when I should have been earning money...

I have a baby due (in fact 2 days ago now) and went out and bought the isofix brackets...

I then looked for the mounting holes to discover they were hidden under the seat and pretty unaccessible.

I then decided to look here, came across all the confusion surrounding the ST3 leather seats and ISOFIX but did find a tech article on how to fix them in...

So I joined up and as you all know membership does not come through instantaneously. So now I've been out to give it a go myself and having removed both bolts for the rear seat fixings gained enough access to get into the rubber gromits and did imagine that I'd be able to get the bracket on with this better access. Thing is the grommit has snapped leaving the majority of it in and now I think I need to remove the seat.

There is some completely incomprehensible fixing to the side of the car and the two seat backs will lift so that they almost disengage from each other, but not quite....

My wife thinks she may drop today so I've either got to solve this myself in the next hour or so or go beg them at the local dealers to do it at the end of the day and part with money for the babies head wetting!

I emailed Scott to ask if he would mind me asking any member if they were able to print the specific pages out from the tech forums so he doesn't mind. The article which probably has all the answers is this one:

If you PM me I'll send you my email address...

Thanks in advance, Allen
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Done now, had to take my car to the local dealership where they tried at first to remove the stuck grommmit with some snipe nosed pliers, then he just pushed it though the bodywork. All this from a helpful mechanic who was standing outside on a ciggy break!! (Some garages aren't just in it to rip you off! I assume it would have just fallen to the ground, so if you have the same problem then a little bit of elbow grease and a push is all you need. After that the isofix seat goes in with a bit of grunting and shoving but not as hard as I'd imagined. It faces up rather than out and the mounting screws can be accessed with your ratchet and an extension without too much damage to the leather.

So for clarity here's the instructions:
1. Go get a star bit - I think it was TX50
2 Remove two bolts holding in the seat in the middle completely - this allows you more access to the grommits
3 Use a snipe nosed pliers and NOT your fingers to pull out the grommits.
4. Put the bracket in facing up
5. Get your bolts located and then push your ratchet and star driver into the mounting bolt and twist until mostly tight
6 do other side then tighten both
7. Do up the two bolts that attach the middle bit holding the seats back to the floor.
8 Throw the plastic "guides" to one side as they seem to serve little purpose...

Thanks to thestumper who emailed me the other article but I'm not sure it was any use
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I only just got the message you sent me, sorry!!

I am glad you got it sorted
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i did one side on my st3

it took over an hour

i wont do the other side when the time comes...thats for sure!!!!
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