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Removing Interior Plastic

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I've got so many rattles in my ST towards the rear passenger compartment and the boot area I'm going to buy some audio sound insulating foam and stick them on the body panels on the inside and on the rear of the plastic interior. Also make sure theres nice think foam where the panels clip into the car metalwork. I did this in my VXR and it made a huge difference, felt like a Audi/VW build quality then

But how do I take the side panels off? I managed to pull the top half off and could get may arm down to the speaker area, but didn't want to pull more just in case the rear seat bench is holing it down.

So do I need to remove the rear seats to get the side panels off?

I presume the panels in the boot just clip/torx screw off

Is the front door card easy to get off?

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