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Removing Front Grill

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removed theeir grill to show off the IC like the evo/skyline drivers do?

anyone got pics?

not sure if the look will work or not???
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Looks pretty untidy imho, you can see the lower edge of the cross beam and the edges where the grille clips in look rough too. See below.

Wheel Car Sky Tire Vehicle

The original photo was a bit dark so I brightened it up but you can see the general effect.


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even better with pro alloy

but mine is radtec......

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Ask weSTie for some pics of his car. He still has the grill but has modified it nicely
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it would look cool with the bit that the number plate sits in kept and the mesh below chopped off with a dremel or the likes would be neat too.

i want to do something similar as i have the PRO alloy ic, but its hidden away under the grille!!
heres mine before and after pics,they are east to remove,they just unclip....


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