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Removing Door Pillar Trim

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Does anybody have any idea on how to remove the exterior door pillar trim? I've given them a bit of a pull but don't want to break them. I've got some carbon wrap for them taking inspiration from the Nurburgring VXR.

Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated
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Alright mate I think they're the same as my old 2007 fiesta, think u have to just pulled them off which snaps the fixings which means you may need to buy either new grime or you might just be able to get the fixings seperatly
You could always try and get one cheap from a scrappy and use it to work out how it's attached?
I PM'd Gary 'The Legend' Lendon last night and he replied this morning

Hi Rich

They are held in by three plastics clips and glue - you need to very careful to remove the part without damaging it.



Sounds like a risky operation, fingers crossed for the weekend, I fear it might all end in tears
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Good luck then Rich!

How much are they if you were to buy a new one from Ford?
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everyone i know broke theirs lol, well either the part or the clips themselves...but then agen a girl i know had one fly off on the motorway lol
QUOTE(thestumper @ 17 Dec 2009, 12:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Good luck then Rich!

How much are they if you were to buy a new one from Ford?

I'm not sure how much they are, i'll pop on the Ford parts site in a bit. If I break the clips I should be alright to just glue it back on.
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Chances are it will break mate, they are a very common fault on the last shape fiestas as they just fall off as the clips are held to the trim by a very crude blob of gluegun glue, over time with the door opening and closing they fall off - usually at high speed

Luckily I have never heard of one falling off of a focus! However if I were you I would be very careful as most of the time they break when removing.

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OS is 1675487 £18.02inc

NS is 1675488 £8.90inc

Don't ask why one is more than the other lol
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Cheers nick, good find with the finis codes. At least they're not too expensive if I totally balls it up!

They are indeed very brittle and snap easy. Might be best getting a trim removal tool to prise the clips away. I have sausage fingers so it made them snap easy when I prised them away

I'm down at Pumabuild on Saturday so I might get them to have a go at it for me
Hi, i need to get these off myself, so any info or pics or video, will be very helpful indeed.

Thanks for the prices and codes guys, you're the best!

Also i will attempt to remove the front and rear ones as well, so i crossing my fingers that the Ford guy will take care. I would surely brake them.
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