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Removing A Dump Valve

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Hi all,

Have just had my ST in with AMD, and they think I the issues I am haing is down to the dump valave (baileys).

I would like to take it off, but looks like a nightmare to get to.

Its fitted between the throttle body and a sensor housing.

If I remove the valve and pipe and just replace with standard Ford pipe, is there anything else I could be missing?

Also, any tips for getting to these pipes?

Plus sorry, what is the pipe running across the top of the engine in the second pic?

Cheers all.



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Easiest way to get to the hose clip on the pipe is to remove the headlight (1 bolt on top then it slides forwards)

The top hard plastic pipe is the symphoniser (sp) pipe - sends engine sounds into cabin, this just pulls out of the bottom section so can be moved out of the way

What problems have you been having with the DV? i'm looking to buy 1 of those

This is how it started:

And now it only boosts to around 1/4 bar ( more often than not) and even when it does hit the full 3/4 bar, it feels sluggish and unresponsive.

So am going to remove it and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice, know what I ll be doing Saturday now!

Will let you know if it makes a difference or not.


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Have you checked the boost pipes for any splits as this could be a boost leak?
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