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Remote Key Problem

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Hey up People.

My Remote for my 2006 ST has decided to stop working all of a sudden!

I have put a new battery in it, but its still dead!

Do they loose the memory or summat?


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No the key shouldn't lose it's memory, how very strange. I think a trip to a local dealers in in order
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Do you have a 2nd remote key? does it work?

Sounds like it needs reprogramming, or could be water in the reciever unit on the car.

Edit. this may be worth a try.
**You must have two original keys to perform this procedure. If you only have one key, you WILL have to take it to the dealer to get it programmed**

1. Insert and existing (working) key into the ignition cylinder.

2. Turn the ignition cylinder ON (RUN) and back to OFF. Ignition should stay on for at least ONE SECOND.

3. Remove the existing key and, within TEN seconds, insert a second working key and turn it to ON (RUN) and the back OFF. Ignition must be in ON for at least ONE second, but no more than TEN seconds. Remove the key.

4. Insert the new key before TWENTY seconds have elapsed and turn it to ON (RUN). Leave it the ON position for at least ONE second and turn back to OFF.

5. The security light will light up for THREE seconds to indicate that the new key has been successfully programmed.

6. To program additional keys, repeat steps 1 through 5
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Yer how very strange! I only have 1 remove Key and the other is just a normal key.....

Had to lock it using the key its self.... like on a old car!!!!

Then when i went back out in the car, unlocked it (old way using the door lock), it opened, but alarm went off! So i shut the door and locked it again using the key... alarm wouldnt shut up!

Had to get into the car and start it, then alarm stopped!

Just been down the town, the
remote key works fine down there, but at home it wont!!!! Never had that before!!!
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If you enter the car manually, the alarm will sound if you don't turn the ignition on (not necceserily start the car) within 15 seconds.
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