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Recommend Me A Bodyshop!!!

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Hi Guys, had some bad news this morning i woke up to find my 6 week old st-3 had been keyed all along the passenger side very very deep on the rear quarter i know i wont be able to get this done before xmas but when i can get it done i want the best job i can have so anyone know a good bodyshop neath port talbot / swansea area id be very greatfull, the big thing thats on my mind is my cars electric orange and i know this colours a nightmare to match.

Many thanks in advance,

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Really sorry to hear that some lowlife has tagged your car,
I don't understand what makes these people tick, scum!
Sorry to hear that chief.

Hope you get it fixed ok.

Hunt them down.

Start with a little
followed by some
then finish with the 9mm

People that do things like that are lower than a snakes belly!!!
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Little f
ers. Just green eye'd monsters. PM johnpro. He know's everthing. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
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Hi mate, the only person I heard of having a good colour match on an EO focus around this area was REXY after he had a bit of a prang last year. He's since sold his car, but Johnpro may still have his mobile number. I'm pretty sure he had it fixed and resprayed in Bridgend somewhere.

Good luck, I hope it works out well for you.

hi all, i have had my bonnet and rear bumpers done at a garage in swansea he is really good and the colour match was spot on!! if you want to have a look at mine first your more than welcome, just give me a ring i could always meet you somewhere, oh and the garage owner is a mate of mine so mates rates lol.

hope this helps!


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