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Alright guys, Ive scowered the forums and although ive seen people having issues like mine they are not exactly the same, Im wondering if anyone can help.

Ive just bought an st-3 and it has touchscreen nav and the usb connection in the elbow rest bit.

Ive tried plugging my ancient ipod mini into this using the ipod usb cable, the ipod then displays do not disconnect
and it just does this continuously, i switch the nav to cd/aux and it has picked up line in, but it doesnt give me the ipod option
its just greyed out.

Any ideas on what im doing wrong? Im currently trying to update the ipod minis software/firmware to see if that helps.

If i plug the audio socket of the ipod into the little silver headphone socket next to the usb i can get the ipod to play, but i want to be able to switch songs using the touchscreen.
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