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Rattling Rear Panel

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when driving on rough road surfaces i can hear a rattling sound coming from the back left interior plastic panel. iv had a look and nothing is loose, the noise sounds like very thin tin vibrating behind the panel. has anyone else experienced this and if so what was it cause its driving me up the wall
. thanx guys.
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I've got this and so have a few others looking at various posts

I've removed all plastic trim from boot, removed all spare wheel kit - no better
I removed the rear panel and used velcro on everything - still same
Velcro's seat belt mechanism - same
removed rear spoiler and refitted (padded with yep velcro) - still same

i've given up trying until someone else posts a cure
I have this too, on the left hand side at the rear. It's not in the boot area, its on the panel under the side window!

I've spent all weekend pulling all panels off and applying dynamat here and there. Making sure the cables are all tidy and not rattling around. Ran a few layers of dynamat along the window line to cover the bodywork, put dynamat on the panel clips. But It's still there, but car is quieter and less rattles now bar this one!! The tweeter is quite loose actually, so it might be that. You two above have you got tweeters in the rear?

Doin my head in! I need someone to drive the car while I'm in the back fiddling around on the plastics.

Robby, what do you mean by velco seat belt mechanism?
QUOTE(Trist @ 15 Nov 2009, 11:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You two above have you got tweeters in the rear?

Robby, what do you mean by velco seat belt mechanism?

Not sure what speakers i have in the rear panels?

when you remove the rear panel from the boot side you'll see the rear seatbelt reel. When you tap on the black plastic bit on top it rattles a bit, i put some velcro felt on there 1st thinking that was the problem - it wasn't
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oh right, I pulled them off and checked them away

Anyway I have cured my rattles
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Im experiencing the same rattle too. My car is due in at the local dealers this week to get the drivers seat problem fixed and I said to them about the rattle too. No doubt it will come back out the same if not worse!!!
Heres my quick guide on how to remove rear rattles

I find the little compartment lids on the side panels tend to rattle so place some dynamat in the little plastic hooks on the front where the lid clips onto and at the rear of the lid there are some upright plastic bits if you look carefully. No rattles there anymore.

Also behind the center armrest between the front seats theres a compartment for something, that was rattling, 2 layers of dynamat there and job a good un.

I ran about 3-4 layers of dynamat along the window line just under the interior plastic just in case.

Took the seatbelt assembly off and placed dynamat there and bolted the assembly back on top.

Place 1-2 layers of dynamat where all the panels clip into the car to make the clip tighter. Also place some dynamat where the rear boot area panels screw into the car.

On the boot lining panels I also put dynamat on the plastics and along the edge of the plastics to make them heavier and less plasticy when you tap them.

The parcel shelf I put some insulating tape around the hooks that clip onto the car(not the hooks on the strings) to make it a tighter fit. Also put some insulating tape around the rear seat hooks as they were rattling a bit.

Heres some pics when I was doing it.

I added 3-4 layers dynamat strip all long along the window line here right up behind the plastic upper panel that hides the airbag after taking this pic. There a metal hook that stick out here too just under the window, I ran the dynamat over that just in case.

You can see here I've dynamated the cables down and placed pieces of sponge behind the cables.

Hope that helps.
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well i guess i'll just have to do some more.
I did the trick using velcro felt on the holes where the clips push into but only on the side panels - i'll try on the upper rear panel which covers the airbdg - only 1 i haven't tried

Robby, I didnt pull that airbag panel off, but at the bottom where the boot panel clips into it by the window, I put some dynamat behind it, because it could knock against the window. Hope that help.
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