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Rattle - Wheel Arch Liner?

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Help needed!

Ever since I've had my ST, it has a VERY annyoing intermittent rattle that is coming from the front passenger side. Today I had the glove compartment out and checked for loose looms etc behind, and the security of the DVD drive for the sat nav. Nothing found. Now I think i can duplicate it by tapping the nearside front wheel arch liner. The whole liner (despite both screws being tight) seems looser than the offside one. I dropped it partially and put some 6mm pads behind it to attempt to avoid it hitting the inner wing.

If it comes back has anyone else had an issue with this and what was the fix? Tried the search function but no firm fix found.

Cheers as always

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Ive got exactly the same problem but mines from the drivers side. Im going to put some expanding foam in there
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I find the rear liners and bumper ends very loose, think that's where 1 of my rattles is comming from
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