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Is there a way of correcting the problem without having to delete the system? Updating sync 3?
Im sceptical even if it is the speaker. I imagine if it is, judging by the video it would be the speaker in the boost gauges.

Its very easy to remove and unplug but before doing so... if you could get a passenger to get right up with there ear and actually see if thats the case (doing so in a safe place). If it is, its probably the speaker in there has blown.. i had both tweeters go on me in my old PFL and they made a similar sound when playing music.

So rather than doing all that in the video... Check if its the speaker, then unplug then speaker by pulling up on the boost gauges (there on clips). Then unplugging the speaker cable.

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Captain Over-React here....

Sooooo, after emails, posts and hours of searching the internet to find out how to resolved the buzzing sound.....

It's gone! At least for now....

How did I do this?

Well, I reset the sync 3 (holding the power/seek buttons)...5 seconds and <****> no more buzzing.

Probably Step #1 in any troubleshooting reference.

DUHHHHH, I'm a idiot.

But it gone! Drove around for 30 minutes or so and nothing...even turned on the radio to see if that would bring the buzzing back. But nope.


I hope it lasts...


.....glad I'm not a doctor 馃榿

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Thinking about it this actually used to happen with Sync 1 but worse - you'd get no sound from the radio but a horrible loud buzzing sound from the speakers, this went away after the car was locked and left for half an hour or so. Sounds like that particular gremlin is still lurking about.

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So I took the car to Ford. A couple of hours later, the rattle is gone!

It wasn't the symposer or even in the dashboard.

It was the e brake. What specifically, the person behind the counter didn't know, but he said two technicians drove around and narrowed it down to the e brake (handle?).

Anyway, it's gone (knock on wood).
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