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Quarter of a Million Miles Reached (250,000 Miles)

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A Word of Encouragement No.3
Hi again folks, yes you have read correctly. Yesterday, 18/05/23 the milestone of 250,000 miles was reached.
So, what’s been happening since my last word of encouragement? Quite a lot but not in a bad way.
Let’s start with the rubber. In my last post I had changed from Michelin PS4 having done I think around 24k and had a deal on the new Goodyear Asymmetric 6. These gave me 21k without rotation with the rears still having about 5/6mil left. In January of this year 2023, I went back to Michelin PS4s. They are very sure footed.

If you remember I was still on the original clutch but around November last year the driveshafts went at 232,000 miles. These were the second lot which lasted just over five years, they were from Rates Ford. The originals lasted about eight years. I purchased a new set again from Fords, but my local garage thought there was a bit of play in the gearbox. So, I said in that case whilst replacing the drive-shafts remove the trans and send for inspection.

If the box is out. of course you expose the clutch plate, dual mass and pressure plate etc. It therefore made sense to change them, all be it reluctantly, at the same time. I figured if the original clutch set-up could last that long at 232,000 miles, I would replace with exactly the same part numbers. However, I can tell you that on inspection of the old parts the dual mass was in as new condition and the clutch plate had plenty of meat left. Naturally, the slave and pressure plate were also changed. As for the gearbox, there were no worn parts found that needed changing and just minute bits on the magnets. It’s a Volvo box which are apparently bullet proof. Just fresh oil and new seals were changed.
By March of this year, I had reached 245,920 at MOT stage, which picked up that both front suspension arms had slight play as an advisory. I have just changed these, last week during the bank holiday. They were the originals which were over sixteen years old. Please NOTE, there are two different sizes for the ball joint on the arms. There was a change-over from 2006. Up to 2006 its 18mm and from 2007 they were beefed up to 21mm. They are NOT interchangeable. I have a set of new original Fords, but they are the 18mm, the wrong ones for my car. PM me if anyone is interested in purchasing them. Then a couple days later last week Friday to be exact, I changed a front wheel bearing. Again, this was an original and over sixteen years old this is to be expected. There are still two of the original bearings on the car, one front and one rear.

I still change the oil every three months with one difference now. Because of the mileage I have changed from 5W/30 tried 5w/40 and my last change in March was 10W/40. Please remember oil is the life blood of these cars. Neglect this at your peril. There are no oil leaks, no knocks, rattle or bangs and it starts on the button. The performance blue paint looks great when cleaned. So, there you have it at 250,000 miles. Got one of these? Then look after it and enjoy the smiles per miles like I’m doing.
The funny thing is I have never sat in another ST, so I have nothing to compare it with. But I do plan on getting a rolling road test done to see what has been lost. Other than that, I’m loving it. That’s it, the end, until next time.
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