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Protecting Leather From Baby Seats

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just fitted the isofix today......

this was the biggest pig of a job i have ever had to do!!!!

anyway, when i removed the car seat to fit the isofix, i notice the leather is suffering a bit

so i seen some seat protectors in halfords £12= or something

anyone know if they are any good...and if i can get cheaper anywhere else?
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i just put one of the babys blankets under the seat and some thin foam behind the chair against the back of the seat, been ok for 6 months with no marks so far
i bought summat called a neat seat... its like a rubber mat but theres a back to it so it protects the whole seat. think it was about a tenner from halfords and was well worth it. doesnt leave any marks etc when u move it

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I got ours from John Lewis', it cost about £20 but is thick, tought and works wel, we wtill get some squashing but it does help and the seat comes back with a little help without any marks
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