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Hi all
I`m going to be color coding some bit`s on my
it is performance blue.
Can anyone tell me please what color primer i need to use to get the right color match as halfords don`t know
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from memory nick when i had my paint mixed to do same as you the undercoat/primer was a mixture of 90 white and 10% black .
personaly id not touch halfords paint mixes as ive seen some real shockers mate especialy as your going to be colour codeing .
if there small items ie fog surrounds etc etc why not just go to fords and use there pre mixed cans .
done this on mates car for him and colour match was spot on and you can get a decent finish with this kit ie paint and laquer.
Hi Glennboysst3

Thanks for the reply i have ordered the performance blue paint from ford.
but i dont know what color under coat- primer to use as there differant colors ie
i done a paint test without any primer and it looks to dark so i need to use a primer coat so i am able to get a good color match.
I`d use Grey - if your doing plastics try Etch primer.
If your using Halfords products, which are quite good , then just ask for plastic primer paint, which is grey
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Use MIPA plastic primer on plastics first and then a good quality grey primer or etch primer afterwards should be ok !!

If its "halfords" match paint then i wouldnt bank on a great match, but instead go to a paint supplier and get the correct match to your car !!!!
just checked the correct primer is white stated a mixture of 90% white 10%black so you be better off getting this mixed aswell in a paint shop .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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