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Possible New Monthly Meet

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Hi Guys, i used to do a meet for the vxr's every month which had a drive included, now the drive isn't to long, you can do it in 45 mins or we can stop for some photo's and an ice cream, which im sure isn't wanted at this time of year. The drive route is ok i like it and it can be changed to be made longer or shorter or completely differant, Anyway i can post up more details but this is just to see how many would be interested in this getting started up.

Now if this was to go ahead i would definate numbers of people attending as the tables in the pub will be reserved and extra staff will be on for the days we go, so please remember they do this for us and if only 1 car turned up but 10 cars were on the list its not fare to the pub who have had to pay out for us.

Here's a link to the pub which has all deatails of address and you will see its really nice.

Let me know and i can get one sorted for this month to kick off
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As per PM Nige, I think its a cracking idea. I will struggle for this month unless its next weekend as I have plans for the last weekend this month.
QUOTE(nigst @ 17 Jan 2010, 10:44 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>ye i understand that but thats the beauty of the monthly meet you can always get the next one
, i suppose we could start in feb, weather might be a bit better aswell for the drive
, also i have to give the landlady notification by a week in advance.

No worries, If you can get some people interested for the last weekend this month then go for it as like you say there is always one next month.
Could maybe make it a regular thing say first or last Sunday of every month.
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As Chris says, family come first. Look forward to a meet when the pub re-opens.
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