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Possible Boost Problem?

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Hi all, I have owned my 56 plate ST for a couple of weeks now and still love it to bits!

When I drove a friends a couple of month's back, I seem to remember there was no real turbo lag, it was very smooth and progressive from low down in the rev range, however mine, when I floor it in say 3rd gear, there is no noticeable 'go' until it hits about 3500 rpm, when it then takes off. The boost guage does go up to half way. Is this right? Its a totally standard car.


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Yeah pretty standard, I Thought the same with my ST.

Apparently the turbo doesnt really kick in fully until 3.5-4k rpm in 3rd or higher, if you get the car remapped it kicks in alot sooner. Which is a shame because I find that in 3rd by the time the turbo kicks in on 1/2 to 3/4 boost im doing 70 already.
im sure this question gets asked and answered every day!! use the search bar people!!!
Don't mind answering a simple question, some people are just not computer literate, so don't know how to search! Besides his name is Richard, same as mine Di cks gotta stick togeather!!

EDIT: that sounds a bit gay
the search bar is about as helpfull as a handbrake on a canoe to be fair.

Its far quicker and easier to ask the question in a new post and have one helpful member give an answer then have an unhelpful member say use the search bar!

Either way mate, it sounds about the same as what mine does!
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