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Pictures Of Pb {black} Wanted

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Folks I am looking for a new look for 2010 so if you have a P Black
with chequers on and have some photos of the side, front & rear straight on (ok I am being picky) I would realy appreciate you post them up here.

I have a design I want to blend Into the cheques but going to Photoshop it first

many thanks Andy
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QUOTE(xxbazzaxx @ 11 Dec 2009, 10:53 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm in the same boat really... have a black
completely unmodified at the mo but looking to make some cosmetic tweaks as soon as poss
Loving the chequers look with the red calipers guys..

Any recommendations on where to get them done and costs etc... in the midlands/cheshire area..

profile automotive, AKA wolfman. he's the code red guy & site sponsor, excellent work just dont take a credit card as you will end up using it big time..
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