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I have a slight technical issue with the focus, which has always been there since pickeing the car up 10 months ago. It has the blaupunkt touch screen radio, with bluetooth. Basically the phone bonded fine, but the contacts list has the surname first then the first name, which makes it tricky when trying the find a contact, as i have to remember the surname to search. The actual phone has the contacts list correct, its just the car that doesnt. I also need to set up voice control, as it doesnt work on the phone side, it wont recognise any voice commands, but i have been given the relevant documentation to try and get it to work.

The last main issue is with the cd player skipping and jumping tracks, but im going to try a cd lense cleaning disc as soon as i get hold of one.

The car is a facelift model and its had the bosch software update disc, and the instrument cluster update on the ford machine. Has anyone had any issues with the satnav unit, or the bluetooth/ voice control.

Any help much appreciated.
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