After picking up a new "daily" earlier in the year, it's nicer than expected so I've decided the ST needs to go. She's not getting used and I really can't see that situation changing over the next few years. The new car needs to in the garage the ST is currently (and the funds put towards a new daily driver).

It's been a pretty tough decision as the car got me through 2 lockdowns with tinkering etc and quite a lot of love has gone into her. If storage was available she'd go into it - but unfortunately there isn't.

Full list of things done is on the next post (as it's pretty long). She's by no means perfect but I'd say well above average - and a lot of the bits that fail have already been replaced.

Earlier this year, she had a FULL front/rear subframe refurb using genuine ford parts and some hardrace bits. I do have a set of standard front arms (with powerflex big bushes) that I can include if anyone wants to switch out the hardrace bits. Handling is spot on thanks to RCA kit and extended TRE - all tracked up via a hunter system as well. The only thing she could do with is undersealing - I got some lanoguard to do this after the subframe but never managed to source a local ramp - and now it's winter.

Mileage is just over 80k - won't go up as she's not being driven.

Last MOT (first attempt) will show as a fail - that's down to some of the rear arm bolts needing to be tightened up (didn't feel it at all while driving though... Go figure)