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I was in Tesco today with the wife and newborn and we had parked in parent and child. When we came out (only about 30mins later) an old transit swb had parked next to me.

Me being me went round to check my passenger wing as the van looked very close to me from a far - and it was. We couldn't open the rear door to get my girls car seat in.

No damage was on the wing however i spotted that the rear door had 2 clean wipe marks which weren't there before. One of these marks had white/grey paint on it and under was a small crease where i assume a door had been opened onto it. The Van's doors weren't anywhere near so i cant confirm it was him but he was way too close to my car.

Anyway has anyone used a PDR company to remove small dents? Annoyingly the crease it at the beginning of the swage line on the rear door and so its fairly noticeable if you catch the light at the right angle.
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