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Parts Arrived

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Well I order my RS clutch setup on Monday and due to the snow, its taken all week for them to get here. I missed my slot at the garage because of the missing parts. Just waiting on the driveshaft oil seals and flywheel bolts, which should be here tomorrow. Now all I need is for the snow to disappear and let me play.

All the RS lovelyness waiting to be fitted

The whole lot came to £580 which I didnt think was too bad.
RS Clutch Kit
RS Flywheel
RS Cylinder / bearing
Gearbox Mount Bolt x1
Driveshaft Snap Ring x 1
Driveshaft Oil Seal x 2
Hub Bolt x 1
Flywheel Bolts x 10****a/IMG_0253.jpg
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whats the box of crayons for ????

you been colouring in ...
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