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Just fitted a JR panel filter (Jetex) and must say I'm pleased.

Now I went for this option cause its easy,relatively cheap and just to be doing something really.
Wasn't expecting much based on a lot of opinions on here.

But theres definitely an improvement in throttle response and the gains feel noticeable.
Now I'm not talking big numbers here but it feels more than the 2bhp consensus.

This could be down to the 18000mile dirty filter I removed (which did'nt look too bad).
Or it could be the stock filer with the foam layer is quite restrictive.

Always wondered why Mountune bothered with the K&N, surely 2bhp ain't worth the effort.

Not saying its better than a CAIS.
But for anyone not looking to go down the CAIS route I'd say its definitely worth it.

I would also highly recommend the JR/Jetex filter.
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