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Paint Code

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tried the search button but couldnt find anything, can anyone tell me the paint code for the electric st orange please? thanks
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hi. think you will find that the code is 7.
thanks for the quick reply mate, but surely theres more to the code than just "7"?
No, just 7. I work in a bodyshop and that is what we use to mix the colour. On the car it will be 7 and a letter but its the 7 that relates to the colour.
ah right i see, i did google the question before hand and came up with the code "6FSE", so wanted to confirm if that was correct, but seen as you work for a bodyshop you must be correct, thankyou
this was the orange im after by the way....

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Yep thats the one. On the chassis sticker it will say either 73 or 74 as a paint code. The 7 is for the electric orange pearl and the 3or4 refers the the colour of the primer used underneath. 3 i believe is orange and 4 is for white primer.
ah mate cheers for that, very much appreciated
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