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P-zero Rosso's

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hey folks a need to get 4 new tyres and a seen kwik-fit are doin buy 4 and get 25% off which is pretty good. A was lookin at gettin the P-Zero Rosso's just wondering if any1 has had these and what they thought of them

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Hi, seriously... dont buy from kwik fit.. the whole 25% off is a scam.

The prices are higher to begin with.

heres an example from personal experience.

Ford Dealer charged me £160 for a 18" Sport Contact 3 Extra Load Tyre. Only use those because the car was fitted with them, and ive found them to be quite good.. was voted by which magazine as a best buy and recomended.;tabNr=2.html

Apparently they also use the same tyres on some Mercs

Kwik fit charged me £166 for the same tyre... and told me "they was on special offer"
then when I looked at my reciept after.. before the discount/special offer they was selling the tyre at £185

£25 more than the ford dealer! without the special offer... and even with the special offer they was £6 more expensive.

I have since found the same tyres online for £110.. so in future im going to buy online and get my local tyre fitter to fit.

that place is quite good on prices, they sell tyres delivered online.. and are cheaper than most places because they buy in bulk and are effectively a tyre wholesaler.
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