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Owner Ship Costs

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thanks for all your replies regarding my ownership costings... nice to see an owners forum that has users that are willing to give sensible comments (evo magazine were right), its pretty much as i expected, the car is a good size, and the obvious mpg issue, and tax costs are high, but with the car being driven for short journeys by the wife i was hoping the petrol fairy might wave a magic wand until i took over for a rare weekend blast.
still, this is one of the few hot hatches she does like, so theres hope yet.........
however, i ve not yet test driven...for obvious reasons...!
thanks all...
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The test drive will definately seal the deal....ive had mine for a 1 year now and havnt stopped smiling
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Take one for a test drive, and you wont need to think twice!! Take your wallet!
Tax costs aren't that bad tbh, £245 a year from next year, much better than the £430 that Impreza STI owners will have to pay.

Fuel usage is very
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