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Out Of Shape Intercooler

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has any one had trouble with there code red intercooler i have noticed the bottom of my one is sagging down and a couple of cores are bulging out a bit is this normal
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We have also witnessed a handful of early intercoolers which the bottom couple of rails have expanded (including our own test demo car which has one of the 1st ones)

The initial batch of intercoolers had originally been tested to 2 bar however we discovered that the pressure spikes on sudden lift off momentarily exceeding this figure.

All subsequent batch's where uprated and tested to 3bar and we have not seen a problem since.

There is no danger of them bursting or loosing boost pressure - Our now 36k old demo car still has the original one fitted. -However the Germans have been swapping the handful of early ones under warranty
(we have to return the old one 1st)
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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