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One Week To Go

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Well finally the call has come and the ST is due in the showroom next Saturday
and we are both a bit excited but also sad at the same time as the Porsche will be taking it's final drive by the wife.

Our little three month old unfortunately needs a bit more space than the wife anticipated and has put off the change for as long as possible but two seats and limited boot space took its toll a couple of months ago for her to cart our little girl around. What makes it harder is that my wife lost her mum three years ago and the Cayman was a present to herself from the inheritance she received so there is an emotional attachment to the car and I kow tears will be shed.

Anyway less of the heartache but what I am wondering is this - I have done a quick search but what do reccomend for running in the engine???

I know from bikes that TBH you can just nail it from the off and the engine will give better power, however my mini engines I have always broke them in gently over a 1,000 mile period. What is the 'ford' way of doing these things ??
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Ford recommend 1500miles some say 1000 others just nail it from day one,i kept both of mine to less than 5000rpm and no problems
definitely drive it like you stole it from day one. This ain't the 1970s any more, cars are ready to be ragged from the start as far as I'm concerned.
if you can drive the ST carefully without ragging it for 1500 miles, ill buy the porsche back from the dealer and give it to your missus
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