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Oil + Filter Change

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I will be servicing my car myself and wondered if I will have to completly remove the standard airbox in order to change the oil filter?
Or can I get enough access without removal?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Just enough access - you may have to give it a bit of a push out the way but no need to remove any of it!

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What type of filter does the ST have? The small round metal ones?

As I see on ebay these cone types that look like air filters which they label as oil filters! Confusing!
It's a paper element filter, You unscrew a plastic cap/chamber, remove the filter, clean it out, change the seals, new filter, refit.

Mind not overtighten it.
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The oil filter is on the left hand side of the engine, you need to remove the top black plastic trim panel that covers the slam panel, then remove the 2 pipes that run from the grille to the air filter, from there you will see the top of the oil filter housing (plastic), you have to use a long big socket on a flex-extension to remove it and then change the element (filter) inside.

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You'll need a 36mm socket to fit the housing
excellent, thanks allot chaps!
You can pull the left side of airbox unit forward slightly. It displaces it by a few millimeters to give a little more clearance as it is quite a squeeze getting filter the oil filter cap through the gap. Just push the air unit forward to re-seat after oil filter replacement.
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