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Hi all,

My name is John Edge, im kinda a newbie, newish to this site but had my ST-2 for 5 months

I Live in Lancaster in the NW and I am the proud owner of a pumpkin (awesome for halloween lol), custom plate and private reg already on showing V 3DGE the v actually being that much smaller lol.

I had to travel 7 hours to get the pumpkin from Great Yarmouth and then 7 hours back but it was well worth it. Loving it to bits and looking forward to comin to a few meets etc.

Car already a little moded, black/orange badges, black alloys, dreamscience re-map, dropped on its bum and baileys dump valve.

Off to the Pageant of Power in July and the pumpkin will b super shiney for then with hopefull some new bits added.

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