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Number Of Keys?

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Just a quick one. How many keys should the ST come with and are they 2 remote keys or 1 remote and one poverty spec key?

Just want to know what to expect when i collect my car.


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QUOTE(thestumper @ 15 Dec 2009, 07:13 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>They come with 2 remote keys or at least mine did anyway.

2 remote keys mate
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mine came with 2 remote keys and what appears to be a service type key aswell
Think you will find they all come out with a standard two remote keys.

Its only the poverty spec fords that come with one remote key and one poverty key if i remember correctly.
Thanks for the replies. 2 Keys it is then
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QUOTE(STIOM @ 15 Dec 2009, 07:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>+1
2 remote keys mate

2 remote flip keys is the correct answer but I didn't get the pint of beer
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QUOTE(mrsimmers @ 15 Dec 2009, 09:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Mine came with 3 keyless entry fobs.

theres always one flash bast...*cough* person

and alb's right, there should be 2 remote flip keys.
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Sorry to rain on the parade but i only got 1 remote key and one
key ..

Ive had it from new - feb 2006 !!!
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Mine came with 3 keys... 2 remote and one
one. Not sure of the point of the
one as you can't start the car without one of the remote ones anyway
It will open the doors though... that said i'm trying to rack my brains thinking of a scenario where being able to get into the car could help me retrieve a remote key that I've somehow managed to lock in there... is that actually possible?

Or is the rubbish one just meant to be a means to getting a new remote one cut? If that's the case then aren't we going to need to find two special hiding places for the spare keys in case they get lost together!

Mines a 58 plate by the way...
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i only got one remote key and one basic key when i picked my car up two weeks ago, then when i had to replace the lock set after having the keys stolen i only got one basic key and one flip remote with the NEW lockset... :s
2 fobs and 1 key for me too

Note - note a flip key (as in you click a button and it flips out) but a remote fob with a key inside that you can push the clip and slide out seperately....
Picked the car up and like the majority said... 2 remote keys
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2 keys FTW - Ive been using both this week so i can go from a warm house to a warm car!
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If i remember rightly prefaclift you got 2 flip out keys and facelift yo get 2fobs +a key to open the doors and bonnet
in this weather the keyless statr is great you go out and start the car then leave it with the doors locked and wait till it warms up
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