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North East Newbie....

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Well I am loving the car still so mods have been flowing and will continue to come - only had it 5 weeks.

Mods to date - 19" Wheelmania alloys, LED sidelights and numberplate lamps, debadged boot, colour coded washer jets, black grills and fog surrounds, plus few other small bits.

Decided to spray the grills and surrounds satin black - didnt think they came out to bad;

Quick interior spruce up

Since these pics were taken the car has had Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs added, a Dreamscience Mod C remap, decat pipe and DSCI induction system.

Also got a new bonnet with Fiesta RS Turbo vents in it, plus new badges front and rear and wheels started to be customised.

Will get my new pics up tomorrow

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Hiya Rob and
to the
club - sounds like you've been busy
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Thanks for the welcome

Power now is 275bhp and 325Ib/ft so quite happy for little money have spent

Next month is custom 3" stainless system and downpipe along with ProAlloy intercooler

to the club Rob. Sounds like you know what your doing on the mod front
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Yeah martin on my old A4 - how you know that?

QUOTE(robbie1988 @ 5 Dec 2009, 11:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yeah martin on my old A4 - how you know that?


Seen you ona few local sites dude...

I use to have a Bora, then a MX5 then a 200sx S14a then a loooooooooow Mk1 MX5, then 528i then my ST haha
Aah lol - nice to see my plate is remembered lol

Looking good mate. You haven't wasted any time modding it either
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