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No Pizza Down Sw Tonight!!

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Driving home through town tonight and a woman in a super mini people carrier shoots out from a junction to my right, then bang stops in the middle of the road.. She'd taken out some poor teenage pizza delivery guy on his scooter!! I stopped to see if he was ok, luckily he got up, shaken and remarkably undamaged...Got him out the rain and the woman comes over and says to me 'did you see that, he should of stopped!!' Even though he's on the main carriage way and had right of way! Then she starts moaning she's never had a crash before, seemingly unaware she's nearly killed the poor sod!! I managed to bite my tongue, so I guess I'll be filling out witness statements for both insurance companies soon..
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Silly cow!!!

Glad the pizza guy got away without a scratch!
Some people will do anything for a free pizza.
credit crunch.
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