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Hi all, just joining the club as I'm looking to get an ST over the next few weeks. Had a couple of 'hot hatches' but could do with something a bit bigger this time. Had a Clio 172 for a few years and currently share a Cooper S with the missus. Forum looks good, better than a lot others I've seen/used, your lucky to have such a bank of knowledge and expertise on the site. It's been very helpful so far.

Any help finding the right car would be greatly appreciated. Looked in the usual places Pistonheads and Autotrader but little has jumped out. If you know of, or are selling an ST-3 3dr, sub 40k miles, not red, open to suggestion on other colours or modifications, post or drop me a pm. Would look at an ST-2 if it's a very nice example. Budget of £10k but can stretch to nearer £11k for perfect car.

Cheers, Tom.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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