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Newbie Here

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Hey everyone, i'm Joe from Lincoln and i'm currently driving a white Fiesta ST with full stripes, need to get a bigger car as the family is growing so opting for the Focus ST. Also wanting the Focus as i'm trying to keep up with the mother-in-law LOL, she's driving a green Focus RS after getting rid of her Orange ST, would love a white RS but it's just too much

Hoping to get my new Focus next March so a 10 plate, anyone know anywhere that's offering any good deals? Love the chequers on the Focus so will be wanting to get those put on so any suggestions where to get those done would be great too.

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along Joe
. Seems like you and your family like the Focus
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Hello joe and welcome to the club
ps: just wondering, is the mother-in-law single by any chance?
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I look forward to spending time on this forum, just need to sort myself a good deal out for March now.....ooooo I can't wait!!!!

(oh and STEO the mother-in-law isn't single, sorry LOL)
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