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After much debate on what colour to have my wheels re-painted in i decided to go with a metallic greyish colour mixed up specially by the painter at work and i must say he did an awesome job! 4 wheels fully refurbished and painted for £80!, Then i added 4 new blue centre caps and these are the results...

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Grille
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

The plan cosmetically is to pretty much leave it as standard, 99.9% of people paint the fog surrounds and grills black, also alot of people have front splitters and rear diffusers (Nick you must have a vault full of coins like scrooge mcduck with all the people out there rockin' your gear) not that im knocking the people who have as there are some very nice examples on here but its left me thinking the only way to be different is to be standard, and just pack a punch under the hood


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