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New to the club

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New to the ST’s and this is my first one knocking out around 320BHP done by wraith performance.
I was looking at the chat and if I’m right we can’t get the ST owners club stickers anymore?
If that’s right my partner has a machine that can make them if no one has any objections and if it’s ok to do


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Welcome aboard :)
Unfortunately the club no longer does any merchandise.
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This club is but one amongst more than a thousand owned by Verticalscope.
Managing merchandise at this level of scale and diversity is just too difficult.
We were privately owned when we did merchandise in the past.
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i didnt know they had that many on the go,i presume they have all sorts and not just car clubs then with that amount?
There's a new website that lists all the forums (or at least all those migrated to the new platform).
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