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Hi my name is Dan, just bought an 06 plate Performance Blue Focus ST. Pick it up on Monday night, can't wait!! Loved the test drive, performace was great, the engine sound is FANTASTIC!! Only thing I didn't like was the high driving position.
I've already got the car booked in for a re-map at RS Tuning in Leeds (had a corsa vxr done there a couple of years ago,excellent service from guys who know what they're doing!), 250+ bhp and an extra 50-60 ft/pounds tourque!!
I'll put another post on once the re-map is done and let you know the figures!

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to the club Dan. Forget the remap and get yourself a Dreamscience handset which you yourself can use to remap the car. When you then sell the ST afew years down the line you can also sell the Dreamscience handset and there for get your money back
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